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Our Story



While working in sales under one of the largest scholastic suppliers in the U.S., Mark Cameron—Grad Giveback’s founder and CEO—realized that school personnel were spending too much time trying to get what they needed for their students. But even more concerning, schools and students were spending far too much money.

The problem was three-fold: the industry’s failure to innovate lead to continuous price inflation by the wholesalers, the use of sluggish processes, and an excessive number of middlemen. In turn, schools and their families were paying as much as 20 times the costs for the products they were required to purchase—and losing valuable time doing so.

At we are passionate about partnering with your institution and pride ourselves on being able to offer unparalleled customer service to help you make the most out of your graduation.

By working directly with manufacturers to get the supplies schools need and leveraging modern-day cloud computing, we not only reduce costs for schools and families but also give schools back a portion of the proceeds. This provides schools with a much-needed and significant source of supplemental revenue.

With resolute focus on innovation, we directly improve schools’ top-lines while also saving them money on the costs of labor by removing the manual and time-consuming portions of the supplies-ordering process. Even if we set the hefty payroll expenses associated with these tasks aside, imagine what could be accomplished if schools were able to reallocate that time to building relationships with their students?”

As a result, our founder decided to build a more modern system. Today, Grad Giveback’s streamlined software makes school purchasing as simple for school administrators and families as ordering off of their own, personal Amazon!