A one-stop shop for everything schools and students need

Stop using outdated, time-consuming, and expensive methods to order school supplies and apparel. 

Grad Giveback offers a modern solution that delivers compounding benefits.

Grad Giveback’s Process

  • We provide all of the resources that describe how to order. You simply decide how to distribute to students.
  • Students and parents order and pay using your school’s custom portal—no school costs, paper forms, wrong items or pin money exposure.
  • We send regular email reminders for students to order and even provide you with extra back-to-school kits for students who missed the ordering deadline or for hardship cases.
  • Use your Giveback check and admin portal to furnish your district with select classroom supplies, facility solutions and more, at a sharp discount—no purchase order, RFP, or transactions required.
  • Alternatively, use our Budget Retention Tool to equip your district with any items in our marketplace with consistent and fair pricing to supplement your Giveback; A new source of revenue, issued with complete spending autonomy.

Traditional Ordering Process

  • Spend time requesting a quote for potential fees and upfront school costs.
  • Use inefficient paper-based process to collect orders, payment, check for errors and omissions or hold order box leaving school vulnerable to pin money exposure. 
  • Students shopping retail arrive on the 1st day of class with wrong items - notebooks, unsafe markers and glue.
  • Purchasers tasked with getting the most bang for your buck research products, suppliers, and rates through multiple channels.
  • Institute RFP process creating additional productivity waste along with the time spent negotiating and uncovering hidden pricing.
  • Once decisions have been finalized, coordinate complex purchase order and accounting inputs.
  • Minimal to $0 in revenues or options to assist in retaining your back-to-school budget.
  • Spend time working with your vendor to accommodate students who forgot to order or ordered too late, resulting in consignment products and overage return responsibilities.

Time-Savings Calculator :

Number of Staff:

Average Employee Salary:
Percent of Staff's time spent retrieving
/managing purchasing documents:

Studies estimate 30% of “knowledge workers”
time is spent searching for and handling
documents. Considering how many documents
your personnel manages for purchasing and other
responsibilities that lead to paper manifests in
schools specifically (digital or otherwise), the time
wasted is probably significantly higher.

Calculate how much time you’ll save

Time Spent Managing:

What could your staff accomplish if more of their time
was spent building relationships with students?

Total cost per year

$ 10,125

Sources: Delphi Group, International Data Corporation, Paperless Projects, & The Boston Globe.


100% free, forever

There’s no cost to sign up for our program or use our platform. Use it for a single year or a decade we’ll never charge you anything.

We’re here to help

Each school is assigned a dedicated team of customer care managers. If you ever have a question or problem, you know exactly who to call.

Existing system Compatibility

Our platform is compatible with the student management systems you already use. 100% mobile, tablet, and desktop ordering!

Admin-designed and customizable programs

All of our programs are designed by a team of active school administrators and staff, and we constantly work with our schools and suppliers to add new tools and products to our catalog.

Enjoy a truly personalized experience

Your store on Grad Giveback is a custom marketplace, tailored to meet your school’s unique needs and give you complete control.

Access real-time data and insights

Admin dashboards features insightful, real-time reporting used to make data-driven decisions.

Turn your suggestions into solutions

Many of the programs we offer today are the direct result of our customers’ suggestions. If you need something we don’t currently offer, we’ll do our best to add it to our marketplace.

Student and family benefits

  • Buy spirit wear, school supplies and more at sharply discounted prices.
  • Get free shipping and handling, and support your school.
  • Order all the school supplies you need in a single package, and get them sent directly to your school.
  • Avoid crowded back-to-school shopping trips, mulitple stops, and guesswork.
  • Get quality items at discounted rates. All products are vetted by our administrative team for quality before they’re added to our catalog.

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