Let us handle the small stuff so you can focus on the work that really makes a difference:

Reclaim Your Time

Stop spending your time on redundant, time-consuming steps in current purchasing processes and researching what to buy. Grad Giveback's FREE platform gives you the tools you need in a unified system, to automate the ordering process so you can refocus your time and efforts on more important tasks.

Enjoy Deep Discounts

Our supplier partners support our vision and are excited to help. We select best practice items, buy in bulk, streamline process, and through those mediums, pass along the savings to your school. By removing middlemen, we’re able to offer an honest retail price on the supplies your school and students need.

Earn Revenue for Your School

In addition to paying less for supplies, apparel, and more, we’ll give your school a minimum of 10% of our profits on every purchase made through our system. This additional revenue source provides you with the funds you need to do things you’ve always wanted to do but never have the budget for.


Our Products

School Apparel

We offer a complete school store with customized district/activity logos in addition to our full line of spirit apparel and accessories for graduates. Yes, with a Giveback!

School Supplies

Send us your back-to-school lists. We’ll package the items your students need into kits and sell them to your families at a significant discount.

Jacob Kits

Placing a Jacob Kit in every classroom could save a student’s life. Plus, we offer training and e-certification for all staff with each purchase.

Security Solutions

Our partnership with GSSC allows us offer full-service security and life safety solutions, from end-to-end design & installation to boxed hardware at a discount.

"Grad Giveback's system for handling back-to-school kits and bulk supplies is more efficient for district staff, it‘s easier and less expensive for students. The fact that we get a giveback on all of our purchases creates a revenue stream that provides us flexibility to get some things on our ‘want' list."

Dr. Tim Kuehl.

Superintendent, CCASD, Iowa

How Our Ordering System Works

Step - 1

Setup your school’s store

Call your dedicated customer support representative to set up your school’s ordering portal. Your total time commitment: no more than a few minutes.

Step - 2

Spread the word

We provide all of the resources to ensure a great ordering response. From pre-designed handouts to customized presentations, all you need to do is share them with students and families.

Step - 3

Focus on important work

Your role in the ordering process? You don’t have one. We’ll send email reminders to students, track who hasn’t ordered and even send extra supplies for hardship cases.

Step - 4

Get your supplies and Giveback check

After ordering time expires, we’ll package each student’s supplies individually and send them to your school. Your Giveback check will be included, too!

What’s in it for you? More time, fewer headaches, and a bigger budget.